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So it's that time of the year again... that of shameless self-promotion.
My official web page is up and running.
Pretty much like a book, I presume a website is never really finished, you simply abandon it. I could keep tweaking it further ad infinitum but as I'm short on time as much I'm on wisdom, I'll publish it as it is.

There you'll find out about upcoming events ( I'm involved in two upcoming exhibitions, so if you're based in London show up to say hi) and purchase prints of my work as well as commissioning exclusive artwork.
For those who like my kind of stuff (hello, Hans and Franz) pop by and have a look. Leave your comment, criticism, hate or love, doesn't matter, I'd like to hear your opinions.

The art of Bruno Stahl

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 4, 2012, 7:39 AM
Now you can follow me at Tumblr here cos just one art blog ain't enough!

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Zarjaz #13 is available now with an outstanding cover by Staz Johnson finally releasing the infamous story Dirty Frank's Holy Wrong written by the not less infamous The Emperor ...if you did think Frank Miller's Holy Terror stinks and that he should get a proper punishment for commited such an outrage this is your kind of stuff...DIRTY FRANK IS GOING TO DELIVERY BITTER JUSTICE FOR THOSE DEVOID OF CREATIVE INNOVATION!!!(or simply those lacking of a fine beard)
You can purchase your copy here
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I'm a bit late to break the news but Future Quake#16 kicks off,plenty of adorable and marvelous stuff,including one specific tale drawn by me and written by Tony McVeigh. Art cover by Lee Carter
You can find it here…

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So that's it...i gonna be there with my pal and writer Terome McNally with five chapter of THE EUROPEAN KING SAGA printed and some of my original paintings.If some one of you guys also be there come to my table and introduce yourself for a beer or two after the show.

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Just a fast check-list:
- I've started to ilustrate a book named The Saga of the Europe King,wrote by Tom McNally,only a few rough drawings by now
-Drawing seriously a script for the U.K magazine Future Quake
-The Legends of Hadrian's wall continues.
-And sometimes i sleep and eat as well,it's a curious experience indeed...

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Im walking around the Thames river,taking a new breath to work.
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  • Watching: the sunset along the river
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Moving to London in September next. Keep going with my huge project to get a  artistic life full time . I got a script test to draw from a great publisher , better don't talk too much now . Things walking straight to a fucking awesome clímax . Perhaps,in the next spring i gonna " march " from London to the north , to Hadrian's Wall and finish ( finally ) "The legends..." . I wanna meet some spirits of dead warriors,get the necessary inspiration to make an amazing "The End".... and take one or twenty pint with 'em .

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Inkshot is a huge anthology comic book  from brazilian autors created by Hector Lima(Editor in Chief) with Pablo Casado (Assistant Ed.)and Felipe Cunha(Art Director).
Being 1/3 brazilian ,i took the chance to do some stuff for this book which results in DER HANZ.I'm very proud to make part of it.Nice going guys!!!
You can check the INKSHOT page here and take a look at whole process.
And now,talking about music(my great passion too)for who loves bagpipes and percussion i founded this germany band,Corvus Corax,totally amazing,just listen…

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I think that this will be the YEAR . The kind of year that our lives inevitably change ... to give a better explanation i need to do a short checklist .
- I finally  was published by Heavy Metal . Something really important to me 'coz basically it make part of my growth   as an  artist , so was extremelly symbolic ...
- I still working on in Hadrian's wall 's Graphic Novel , so let us see if we can work something out ... perhaps more Heavy Metal ...
- The Night Office( Escritório Noturno ) comics anthology is on sale , finally . Me and Hector( the writer ) was signing some copies at HQ Mix comic store , you can see the pictures here….
- I'm working on the RagToy's cover album ... really awesome !!!
So , that's mean that i live of my art ? Well , not exactly ... i have confess , i have a job as a worker by day  and at night i do what i really love and i say ... it's bite stressing have inspiration when you work in a job that you're the only that  has never  was in the jail ... but i needed keep going battling ,so i think that i'll have my prise now . I'm estimating that in 3 months I can work only with art and live very well ...
I very wish the same to all of you .

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The new year are coming...and as your first act in 09 must be to buy the new Heavy Metal Magazine, and see the celts kicking some roman asses to the moon...ok ,i'm joking sounding so pretentious telling you what you have to do , actually ... buy the new HM , read the fisrt Hadrian's wall tale and let me know what you think about it,right?
Your comment are very important to me , my virtual mates .
Have a great new year

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Now it's official...Hadrian's wall ( which i already told you about )will be on Heavy Metal March 2009 issue which goes on sale December 30th. The tale's title "The legends of Adriano's wall". I decided to maintain a italian variation of roman emperor's latin name  Publius Aelius Hadrianus,as my expert latin's friend salatrixparvissima.deviantart.… could explain  me,much thanks.
I'll give you more details soon!!!
"For the great Gaels of Ireland
are the men that Gods made mad;
for all their wars are merry,
and all their songs are sad"
Tuatha Dé Dannan's painting coming soon....
This one is  a fan movie from  Sláine,that celtic character from 2000AD,the guy is a great artist and made a awesome trailer of what could be a really good film about the Celts .


P.s: is a little bizarre the celts speaking spanish , but it does not matter ,was nice anyway.
Well,I was taking a few stressful weeks.With art you usually shoot hundreds of targets to hit just one,and you must make that bullets in so many differents styles,in so many ways that you can have a collapse.
To create i need of a soursweet melancholy and i wasn't  got this spirit(melancholy not sadness,it's a bite diferent).
I re-organised my time  and everything is more enjoyable now.
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Enough,i'll take a break and reload!!!!
Have some moments in our lives that works like a passage rite...i was a little bastard at the time,you know,in that kind of age which you  know  that you don't really know much about nothing,so my daddy and i saw a movie....was Conan,the barbarian.Forget Arnold ,and Conan,it  wasn't important , what really kick me in the head , what really did a little boy cry  was the music.
I didn't  know the reason at the time but I knew  that I had awakened to a  very ancient world and   defined what I would do later and what was my spirituality . What Basil Poleodouris made was the most powerful music that i ever heard,able to transport it to forgotten worlds . I done this journey when i was too young...i hope that  all of you have a similar experience.
Unfortunately for us Basil is now composing only in other world (those lucky!) But is only listening to his music to have the feeling that ancient cultures never die

Please listen to what I'm talking about…
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I know , usually when you heard about someone which say that works in independent scene you think faster that's a case of " unemployed slut artist who smiles when someone shaking a handful of dollars " in some cases is really it , even so , we have some tough guys around the world which have bravely made your  pretty well job without concessions . They  not work to the " Majors " just 'cause it don't have much interest in another sort of stuff beyond the Super-hero comics .

I , particularly , don't hate super-heros , i  read some stuff when it's well done , and confess that I have some  affection  by   Hulk magazine .
Some of these guys make your work in mainstream to finance their independents projects .That's  a fair way to survive and I am not of those who believe that they sold the soul to the devil and shit like that , i think it is worth the risk .
My " dear son " at moment is Hadrian's wall , and i have paid their costs with effort but with very  satisfaction for having creative liberty . I put another page of it in gallery and enough...for while .
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In June next  will  be   in  sale   the  comic  book  Prismarte  #49 (…
) , that will  have  a  history  drawn  by  me  and  written  by  my  old  pal  and  talented  writter  Hector  Lima ( for  more   Hector's  stuff  see  " The  Major "  in  ) called  MONDO ALBINO . This tale  talk  about  what  the  hell   have  to  do  between  albin  twins  ( one of  them  are  a  gorilla ) , Adolf  Hitler  and  aliens .
Unfortunatelly will have only a portuguese version for while.
I  putt  a  page in  the  gallery .

Parental Advisory : no  ilegal  drugs  or  some  kind  of  mushrooms  tea   was  take   during  this  comic  book .